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Make sure your vehicle can stop safely with full-service brake care from Cannon’s Automotive Service+

When your brakes are acting up, making strange noises, or are due for some maintenance, you can trust the certified technicians at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ to handle all of your vehicle’s brake needs. Conveniently located in La Porte, Indiana, Cannon’s provides a full range of brake maintenance and repair services for cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you need brake service, bring your ride to Cannon’s.

Complete Brake Services At Cannon’s Automotive Service+

The certified technicians at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ in La Porte offer professional brake inspection, standard brake repair, high-quality replacement parts including brake pads and rotors, and the ability to service your vehicle with care and commitment to customer satisfaction. The Cannon’s team is committed to providing the best in brake maintenance and repair for all La Porte drivers.
  • Brake function, including a measurement of your brake pads’ thickness
  • Fluid levels, and a thorough inspection for leaks
  • Rotors or drums, to determine if resurfacing or replacement is needed
  • Brake hardware inspected for wear and tear
  • Brake hoses
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Any steering wheel vibrations or pulsations that could be caused by brake issues
  • Spongy pedals while braking
  • Grinding, squealing or metal on metal noises while braking
  • An illuminated brake or ABS light on your dashboard
No matter what issues your brakes may be experiencing, be sure you can stop safely with brake services by the professional technicians at Cannon’s.

Reliable Brake System Maintenance, Repairs & Brake Parts Replacement

Brake pads create friction when you press your brake pedal. Then, the brake rotor disperses heat throughout the vehicle to protect the brakes themselves from overheating. Both brake pads and rotors are key to your braking system properly functioning, so it’s important to schedule proper inspections of your brakes. When a brake pad wears thin, your braking power will be limited. Worn brake pads are the first part of your braking system to check if you experience any braking problems; brake pad replacement is the most common automotive brake system repair job. The average brake pads will last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, but of course driving habits can change that time frame. The experienced technicians at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ are skilled with reliable, quick brake pad replacements. If you think your brake pads may need to be replaced, bring your car to Cannon’s right away. 

Similarly, if your rotors, which you can see through the wheels of your vehicle, look worn or rusted, it’s a sign that you should have them repaired or replaced. 

Range of Brake System Services Available At Cannon’s

When you bring your vehicle to Cannon’s for a brake system inspection, you can rest assured that our technicians are trained to handle a range of brake system issues. Our certified technicians can provide the following brake system services:
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Resurfacing of brake rotors and/or drums
  • Brake fluid flush & replacement
  • Brake caliper re-alignment
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake rotor re-alignment
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake master cylinder replacement
No matter what brake issues your vehicle may be facing, the professionals at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ can provide the quality service you deserve.