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Your dashboard has many lights and indicators. And when one comes on, it can be challenging to know the exact problem. For example, a check engine light can indicate multiple issues with your engine. The problem may be as simple as a loose gas cap or as complex as a catalytic converter issue. The best way to find out is by using a computer diagnostic test.

A computer diagnostic test requires a specialized computer and software. First, a mechanic or technician connects the device to your vehicle, and the computer software reads your vehicle’s computer parts. Next, the device runs through diagnostic processes and lets the mechanic know what work or repairs your car needs. Finally, the device shows error codes that indicate a specific problem. This process helps mechanics determine the best solution for your vehicle’s needs.

Fortunately, if you need a computer diagnostic test, Cannon’s Automotive Service has the expert mechanics and technology. We’ve proudly served LaPorte and surrounding communities for years. Our family-owned and operated business puts your needs first. We offer shuttle service, instant credit, emergency rescue and more. So when you need computer diagnostics for your vehicle, trust Cannon’s Automotive Service.

Repairing All Aspects of Your Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is essential to your vehicle’s performance. Unfortunately, a broken piece of your exhaust system may increase emissions and expose you to toxic gases. At Cannon’s Automotive, we repair all aspects of your vehicle’s exhaust system, including:
  • Mufflers. Your vehicle’s muffler quiets the noise of your exhaust. If it’s damaged, your vehicle will sound much louder.
  • Manifolds. Your vehicle’s manifold collects emissions from the engine.
  • Exhaust/tailpipes. Your exhaust pipe removes gases from your vehicle.
  • Oxygen sensors. O2 sensors tell your vehicle’s PCM how much oxygen is in your exhaust, which helps your vehicle stay efficient.
  • Catalytic converters. Catalytic converts convert dangerous vehicle emissions into carbon dioxide and water. If your catalytic converter is broken or stolen, your engine may misfire or stop working.
  • Isolators, gaskets and clamps. These elements seal the various pipes and connections in your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure no gas leaks.
  • Additional exhaust parts include resonator assemblies, pipe accessories, and flex pipes.

A computer diagnostic test can tell mechanics a lot about your vehicle. Specifically, diagnostic tests look for problems or breakdowns with the following car parts:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions and responsiveness
  • Brake responsiveness
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel injectors
  • Ignition coils
  • Throttles
A computer diagnostic test takes as little as five minutes! However, if the error code is unclear or multiple codes appear, the mechanics may need to complete a full diagnostic exam on your vehicle. The complete process can take up to an hour and a half. Generally, you should find out your vehicle’s problems relatively quickly with a computerized diagnostic test.
Computer diagnostic tests vary. Some vehicles have more computerized parts and require more thorough tests, which costs more. Fortunately, a computer diagnostic test actually saves you money; when our mechanics know the exact problem, they can use a better solution sooner. When you book an appointment at Cannon’s Automotive Service, our friendly front-end staff can give you an estimate for your vehicle.
If your check engine light has come on or your vehicle isn’t operating normally, request a test. Additionally, if you’re considering buying a used vehicle, you should get it tested before purchasing. A computer diagnostic test will reveal a lot about your potential new vehicle.

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