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Exhaust systems keep vehicles quiet, clean, and performing at their best. By improving fuel consumption and removing toxic gases from the vehicle’s engine, exhaust systems can increase your engine’s performance and keep your car safely on the road. Unfortunately, your whole vehicle can suffer when something is wrong with your exhaust system. Trust Cannon’s Automotive Services+ experts to repair your vehicle’s exhaust system when you notice a problem.

Repairing All Aspects of Your Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is essential to your vehicle’s performance. Unfortunately, a broken piece of your exhaust system may increase emissions and expose you to toxic gases. At Cannon’s Automotive, we repair all aspects of your vehicle’s exhaust system, including:
  • Mufflers. Your vehicle’s muffler quiets the noise of your exhaust. If it’s damaged, your vehicle will sound much louder.
  • Manifolds. Your vehicle’s manifold collects emissions from the engine.
  • Exhaust/tailpipes. Your exhaust pipe removes gases from your vehicle.
  • Oxygen sensors. O2 sensors tell your vehicle’s PCM how much oxygen is in your exhaust, which helps your vehicle stay efficient.
  • Catalytic converters. Catalytic converts convert dangerous vehicle emissions into carbon dioxide and water. If your catalytic converter is broken or stolen, your engine may misfire or stop working.
  • Isolators, gaskets and clamps. These elements seal the various pipes and connections in your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure no gas leaks.
  • Additional exhaust parts include resonator assemblies, pipe accessories, and flex pipes.


If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, sounds louder than usual, uses more gas than expected or isn’t performing at its best, bring it to one of Cannon’s Automotive locations in La Porte.
Exhaust system repairs vary depending on which aspect of the system needs to be repaired or replaced. The cost will also depend on the vehicle’s year, make and model. When you schedule an appointmentwith Cannon’s, we’ll inform you about estimated repair costs.
Repair time also varies depending on the element of the system that needs to be replaced and the vehicle’s year, make and model. We work to finish all jobs as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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