For a smooth, safe ride

From shocks and struts for safe steering and braking to proper alignment, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians will ensure your vehicle can safely steer. 

Extend The Life Of Your Tires With Professional Alignment Services By Cannon’s Automotive

Trust the professionals at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ with two great La Porte locations to take care of your tires, wheels, shocks and struts. We offer a range of suspension and alignment services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Bring your car, SUV, van, or truck to Cannon’s for professional alignment services and we’ll 
  • Inspect your steering and suspension 
  • Check the condition and air pressure of your tires 
  • Adjust the camber, caster and toe angles (learn more about tire alignment here) as needed
  • Road-test your vehicle to ensure your alignment is proper and meets manufacturer’s specifications
  • Repair and/or replace a variety of key parts, including ball joints, CV joints, shock absorbers, strucks, coil springs and more
If you’re experiencing uneven tire wear, difficulty turning, strange noises when you drive over bumps, or even wandering wheels, bring your vehicle to the experts at Cannon’s today.

La Porte’s Steering & Suspension Services

Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension and alignment are key to help you drive straight. Some of our capabilities include
  • Annual inspections
  • Steering & Suspension repairs
  • Shocks – Shocks protect your vehicle from vibrations and jarring. Cannon’s Automotive Service+ replaces damaged shocks when needed.
  • Struts – Struts maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s undercarriage and support your vehicle’s suspension.
  • Steering & Steering Column Issues
  • Power Steering & Fluid
  • Alignment Issue Maintenance & Repairs
Whatever suspension & alignment services your vehicle may need, Cannon’s Automotive Service+ can inspect your suspension system and provide any necessary adjustments or repairs to get you back on the road safely. Not sure if you need your steering and suspension system inspected by Cannon’s Automotive Service+? Here are some signs that your suspension system is in trouble:
  • Your car pulls to one side
  • You’re experiencing difficulty steering
  • Your tires shake or wander
  • Your steering seems to be slipping
  • You have a harder time driving over uneven roads or dips
  • Your car continues to bounce after you go over a bump
Let us keep your vehicle’s suspension and alignment in check with routine inspection, maintenance and repairs. Schedule your steering or alignment service today with the team at Cannon’s Automotive Service+.