Services To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Trust the professionals at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ to take care of your transmission needs. Whether it’s transmission maintenance, transmission fluids, or transmission repair, our team of experts provides La Porte residents with superior transmission services that will get your car back on the road and keep it running smoothly. Bring your car, SUV, van, or truck to Cannon’s on Tyler Street in La Porte for all your transmission needs.

Superior Transmission Service for La Porte Residents

At Cannon’s Automotive Service+, we offer a complete transmission service that ensures your transmission is in good working order, so you can feel safe on the road. Our transmission service includes the following services: 

  • Flushing out the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid
  • Examining the sump pump or pan
  • Cleaning the pan and installing it with a new pan gasket
  • Replacing or cleaning the filter 

Just like getting a regular oil change, checking your transmission fluid regularly is important to keep your vehicle in good working order. Our team at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ recommends checking the transmission fluid levels of your car regularly to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission continues operating properly. While there are sometimes warning signs of a failing transmission, many times, there is no indication that your transmission fluid is running low. That’s where the trained professionals at Cannon’s Automotive can help! We are happy to check on transmission fluids and assess your vehicle’s transmission needs so you can have peace of mind before hitting the open road. 

La Porte’s Trusted Transmission Repair

Sometimes, transmissions fail and need to be repaired or replaced. If this happens to your vehicle, trust in our expert team to assess the damage and provide you with superior transmission repair or replacement. Cannon’s comprehensive automotive shop has the best technicians in La Porte, experienced in issues with all makes and models. If you have a transmission issue, our technicians will help get you back on the road safely.    Not sure if you need your transmission inspected by Cannon’s Automotive Service+? Schedule an appointment with us today, and our technicians will assess your vehicle’s transmission and will work with you to ensure the problem gets solved, no matter what!

How Cannon’s Automotive Can Help

Still uncertain if your vehicle’s issue is the transmission or something else? Browse our variety of services to see all the ways our team can help get your vehicle running smoothly again. Call us today at 219-362-4415 and discover why the residents of La Porte, Indiana trust Cannon’s Automotive Serivce+ with all your car repair and maintenance needs.