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Diagnosing Vehicle Warning Lights

Vehicle warning lights let the driver know what’s happening with their vehicle. There are many different warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard, the most recognizable being the check engine light. There are also warning lights for low oil, brake malfunctions, battery drainage and other urgent vehicle needs.  Unfortunately, while warning lights tell us where the issue is, they don’t always tell us the cause. To diagnose what has turned each warning light on, the team at Cannon’s Automotive Service+ uses the industry’s leading diagnostic tools. We then provide the most cost-effective solution for each vehicle’s need. 

All parts and labor include a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Vehicle Warning Lights

Cannon’s Automotive Service+ is proud to offer cost-effective solutions if your vehicle’s warning lights have come on. Our fully equipped team handles engine repairs, oil changes, brake inspections and more. Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s if any of the following warning lights appear on your dashboard:

  • Battery warning
  • Brake warning
  • Oil pressure low
  • Automatic gearbox warning
  • Tire pressure low
  • Engine/emission warning
  • Fuel filter warning

Many other warning lights may appear on your dashboard. Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s to get the diagnosis and cost-effective solution your vehicle needs to run smoothly again.


A check engine light can indicate any number of issues. For example, your vehicle’s gas cap may be loose, spark plugs damaged or catalytic converter clogged. There may also be loose electrical connections between the engine and other parts of the vehicle. Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s for a diagnosis and solution.
Warning light colors indicate severity. For example, green and blue lights let the driver know the non-emergency state of the vehicle, such as activation of brights, parking assist, winter mode, etc. Yellow and orange lights tell the driver what needs immediate attention, such as a seatbelt not being on, brake pad warnings, parking lights being out and more. Finally, red warning lights indicate an emergency, such as brake failures, low oil pressure and battery malfunctions. 
Broken alternators, faulty dash clusters, broken serpentine belts and many other battery malfunctions can activate the battery warning light. Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s to find the cause and solution you need to get moving again.

Get Your Vehicle’s Diagnosis Today

Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s Automotive Service+. We’ve proudly served the residents and business owners of La Porte County since 1971. Our team of fully certified and industry-leading mechanics and technicians can quickly diagnose and treat the cause of your vehicle’s warning lights.