Expert Input: Should You Really Get Your Tires Aligned?

Your vehicle runs its best when the wheels are correctly aligned. But what does alignment mean? Your wheels should be perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. Getting your wheels at the perfect angle to achieve these metrics requires thorough knowledge of vehicles and proper, professional tools

There are some critical times when your wheels should be checked and re-aligned. First, the Cannon’s Automotive Service experts recommend having your wheels inspected and aligned at least once a year. Annual checks are easy to schedule alongside a routine oil change. Second, the wheels should be aligned after having new tires installed. Finally, have your wheels checked and aligned following an accident, pothole or curb encounter and after suspension repairs. These incidents can all cause one or more tires to become misaligned. 

Below, the experts at Cannon’s Automotive Service explore key benefits of tire alignment and signs that you need to get your wheels aligned!

Check Out These 4 Key Benefits of Tire Alignment

Ensure your safety on the road.

Proper tire alignment is crucial when it comes to safety on the road. When your tires are correctly aligned, your vehicle tracks straight and responds predictably to your steering. Predictable driving responses mean you can maintain control in emergencies or adverse road conditions. Unfortunately, misaligned tires can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, leading to instability and increasing the risk of accidents. Investing in regular tire alignment checks is a proactive step in safeguarding yourself and your passengers while driving.

Enhance your comfort while driving.

Tire alignment doesn’t just benefit your safety; it also contributes significantly to your driving comfort. Misaligned tires can result in vibrations and shaking in the steering wheel or seats, making your ride jarring and unpleasant. Proper alignment ensures a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience, whether on a long road trip or the daily commute. Keep your tires aligned to avoid discomfort and shaking!

Extend your tire longevity.

Your tires are an investment in your vehicle. Proper tire alignment can significantly impact their lifespan. When your tires are misaligned, they wear unevenly, balding certain areas faster than others. This uneven wear means premature replacement–which wastes money. Regular tire alignment ensures that your tires wear evenly, increasing their lifespan and maximizing the value of your investment.

Save more money.

While the alignment service may come with a price tag, it’s a wise financial decision in the long run. Proper alignment can reduce fuel consumption by minimizing rolling resistance, saving you money at the pump. It also helps prevent premature tire replacement, which can be costly. Furthermore, aligned tires put less stress on your vehicle’s suspension and steering components, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs down the road.

4 Signs You Need to Get Your Tires Aligned

  1. Vibrating seats or steering wheel: When wheels are out of alignment, they can rub against other components of the vehicle or wheel well. Misalignment leads to vibrations in your seats or steering wheel.
  2. Vehicle pulling to one side: If your wheels are out of alignment, the vehicle may pull in one direction. If you notice that you must have your steering wheel angeled to go straight, you likely have a wheel out of alignment! 
  3. Uneven wear and tear on tires: Misalignment can put more pressure on one tire, leading to uneven balding or wear.
  4. Unpredictable driving responses: If your vehicle doesn’t steer like it used to, and you can no longer predict how the wheels will react when you turn the steering wheel, it’s time to align your tires.

At Cannon’s Auto, we provide expert tire alignment services that keep you on the road. In addition to professional technicians, we also offer drop-off services to get you back to work or home after bringing your vehicle in. Our nationwide warranties on our services also ensure you get lasting repairs. Schedule your tire alignment today.