How to Prepare Your Car’s Heating System for Fall and Winter

Cold weather is on its way to Northwest Indiana! Whether you’re excited about winter wonderlands or dreading the snow, having a functioning heating system in your vehicle is crucial. A warm car keeps you safe in winter emergencies and makes your commute more enjoyable. A properly heated car is also essential to a functioning engine, especially during below-freezing temperatures. So as cooler fall temperatures set in, take some time to prepare your vehicle’s heating system for winter! Learn what steps you can take from the Cannon’s Automotive Service experts. 

Easy Steps to Keep Your Car Warm this Winter

Northwest Indiana winters are no joke. With extreme freezing temperatures and intense lake-effect snowstorms, your vehicle’s heating system must be prepared for winter. Take these steps to ensure it’s ready! 

  • Check the heater: Turn on your car’s heater to ensure it works properly. If you notice any unusual noises or smells, it’s best to have them addressed by a mechanic before the cold weather sets in.
  • Check coolant levels: Antifreeze–coolant–is crucial for regulating engine temperature and ensuring the heater works properly. You can check the coolant level in the reservoir and top it off if needed. You should also inspect the color and ensure the coolant is still functioning. Good, clean antifreeze comes in many colors but is usually bright and clear. Over time, it will darken and become brown, indicating that it needs replacing. 
  • Flush the cooling system: Consider having your cooling system flushed before winter. Flushing will help remove any built-up contaminants, which ensures efficient heat transfer.
  • Change the cabin air filter: A dirty cabin air filter can reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Replace it if it’s clogged or dirty.
  • Inspect the blower fan: Make sure the blower fan is functioning correctly. A malfunctioning fan can affect warm air distribution, making some areas of the vehicle warmer while others remain cold and uncomfortable.
  • Check the battery: Cold weather can be harsh on your car’s battery, especially if you don’t allow the engine to warm up before driving. Make sure your battery is in good condition and fully charged. Consider replacing it if it’s old and weak. 
  • Keep the fuel tank full: A full gas tank can help prevent fuel line freeze-up in frigid temperatures. That’s good for your engine and your heating system.
  • Stock up on winter emergency supplies: Although not related to your vehicle’s heating system, it’s a good idea to carry emergency supplies like a blanket, flashlight, gloves and extra warm clothing in your car during winter.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Follow your car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, which may include winter-specific checks and services.

Stay Warm on the Road this Winter with Expert Service

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your car’s heating system for winter. Bring your vehicle to Cannon’s Automotive Service for inspection, maintenance and repair needs. At Cannon’s Automotive Service, our expert technicians have the skills and equipment to prepare your vehicle for winter. We’ve prided ourselves on keeping Northwest Indiana residents safe and on the road for years. Stay warm while driving by getting your battery tested, scheduling a heating system inspection and setting up any necessary repairs. Schedule an appointment today!