The Importance of Brake System Maintenance

Your car’s brake system is a complex combination of parts that allows your car to stop safely. Making sure your car is able to stop when you need it to, especially in emergency situations, is vital to ensuring your safety on the road. When brake systems wear down or fail, it can lead to hazardous driving conditions for you and your passengers. That’s why it’s important to keep your brake system in top shape. But how do you know if it’s time to service your car’s brakes? Below, we discuss warning signs of typical brake issues and when you should get them into a professional for servicing. 

Signs of Wear on Brake System

As the brake system in your car begins to decline, there are some signs you can look out for to know when it’s time to take your car in for brake tune-ups and repairs:

  • Squealing Noise When You Stop: This noise is a tell-tale sign of worn brake pads in a vehicle. Brake pads are intentionally designed with an indicator that emits a high-pitched warning when they approach their minimum thickness. When this happens, your car is squealing at you to get it in for brake services. 
  • Grinding When You Drive or Brake: A grinding sensation when you drive or brake can be any number of issues associated with the brake system. From worn-out brake pads, faulty wheel bearings, a rusted or contorted brake rotor, lack of lubrication, to debris lodged in the brake caliper, any of these issues could be the cause of the grinding. That’s why it’s important to get your vehicle into trusted technicians to diagnose the issue with your grinding brakes. 
  • Pushing Pedal to the Floor: When you feel like you have to push your brake pedal down to the floor in order to make your car come to a halt, this is a sign that you might have an issue with your brake fluid. Brake fluid being low or air reaching the brake line will prevent the fluid from flowing properly, resulting in a hard-to-stop car. Professional technicians can assess the situation and get the brake fluid issue solved in no time!
  • Pulling to One Side: When braking, if you notice your car is pulling slightly to one side or the other, this could be signaling an issue with your brake system. While pulling to one side is also a sign of other issues, like alignment, it’s still important to get your car looked at so you can stay safe on the road.
  • Pulsing in the Pedal: A pulsing sensation in your brake pedal is most often caused by one thing: warped rotors or brake discs. When you notice this pulsing sensation in your brake pedal, contact the professionals at Cannon’s Automotive so they can make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road, safely. 

Cannon’s Keeps Brakes in Top Shape

At Cannon’s Automotive, we understand the importance of a properly functioning brake system, and we want to ensure your drive is always a safe one. That’s why we offer a complete diagnostic and brake service. Our skilled technicians, trained in both domestic and foreign vehicles, offer a complete brake inspection, checking brake function, fluid levels, hardware, and wear and tear. From there, they offer high-quality replacement parts at competitive prices to ensure you are getting the best service at the best price. 
If you are in need of a brake tune-up, call Cannon’s Automotive Service at 219-362-4415. Our team will schedule a time to diagnose your brake system and give you a comprehensive repair plan, so you can get back on the road safely.